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Our Story

Our Brand

Khewra Energetics formulates skincare products to be benefit-driven, using adaptogens and oils rooted in Ayurvedic tradition to calm, brighten, and restore the skin.  Our skin is a reflection of how we treat it and a mirror of our internal landscape. By harnessing adaptogenic ingredients from the Ancient Ayurvedic Holistic Healing System, we target the physical concerns that bring us to seek solutions from skin care AND support the internal shifts that provide long-term results. Each product uniquely targets an internal energetic shift by balancing Chakra Centers through essential oils and key ingredients. They smell wonderful for a reason!

Our Founder

Founder of Khewra Energetics, Rumi Kaur worked as a Scientist in Drug Development for the Pharmaceutical Industry when she became interested in the holistic roots of illness and wellness. Through training in Yoga, Reiki and Essential Oils, she became intrigued with the flow of energy in the body and how this affected mental and physical health as well as healing.

Going back to her roots with generations of ancestry and strong ties to the Khewra region, Punjab, located at the foothills of the Himalayan Salt Mountains. Her Grandmother taught her the importance of natural healing and ayurvedic remedies for skincare and healing. Rumi started to integrate her understanding and practice of Ayurveda, Yoga and Chakras to really target internal wellbeing.   

Her own high-powered career had led to some classic signs of burnout: increased stress, doubting her own decisions, mood swings and adrenal fatigue. She started working with a simple blend applied to her sacral region after showering. Over the course of a month, she noticed that she felt more secure, confident and her moods evened out. She then shared Nurturance Body Oil (I Feel) with family and friends and noted that they had witnessed a shift in their own inner alignment. This then inspired her to develop Intuition Body Oil (I See) and found that it had an uplifting, grounding and cooling potential that helped her focus and better clarify her thoughts during her meditation practice.   

Instead of applying these treatments on top of lotions formulated for topical solutions, she created a line of benefit-driven skincare products that incorporate chakra balancing essential oils, with Ayurvedic adaptogenic oils as well as functional high-end ingredients. These products support both the internal and external shifts needed for long-term results and wellbeing.

Application is Key

How to apply a product is typically an afterthought. We instruct how to apply products to the marma points connected to the chakra centers. Self-massage is shown to help combat stress, a key contributor to skin concerns.

Our Ethos

Skincare that focuses solely on topical benefits treats the symptom and not the cause. When we support our nervous system, our truest beauty shines. The energetics of our ingredients are important. That's why our formulas and products are never tested on animals. All our products are formulated to clean beauty standards.