About Us

Khewra Energetics formulates natural skincare products that are benefit-driven, using adaptogenic herbs and oils rooted in Ayurveda to calm, brighten and restore skin. Each product uniquely targets an internal energetic shift by balancing a specific chakra center, through essential oils and key ingredients. We believe that by supporting our nervous system our truest beauty shines. Application is key, as we show you how to focus on particular Chakras and Marma points as part of your Yogic practice and self-care rituals.

Safe Formulas

We make sure everything we use is natural, high quality and gentle on the skin. Our products have been created by us and gone through formal testing to clean beauty standards.

Natural ingredients: we only use 100% natural ingredients

No Animal Testing

The energetics of our ingredients are important. That’s why our formulas and products are never tested on animals.

Ethically Sourced:  We only use ethically sourced natural ingredients.